Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Facebook Schedules

I LOVE schedules :D ... There I said it I confess! 

Ok ok now I know that sounds really ridiculous but I am kind of obsessed (as the other half nods aggressively beside me), I cannot seem to budge this pattern that I guess keeps me on track with my day to day plans as I try to grow my business. 

Although I do agree  it is excessive to some extent but without it I wouldn't know whether I was coming or going. 

I love to interact with my fans and customers but spending all day on facebook is just not good for business as it distracts me from all of the other one man band elements that I have to manage,  but I have now found the schedule posts manager on my facebook page, do you know about this? 

It allows you to pre-set your posts by date and time, although preparation is required; if you already blog or post you normally would already know what you wanted to discuss on a daily basis (well i do anyway, maybe thats just another excessive string to my belt) whether it be new products, discounts, places to visit or general chit chat it can be all there ready to go. 

This way you can pop in and check on updates and interact when time allows you :) .... Great idea huh? 

Give a go if you haven't already; here's a quick how to guide:

ENJOY! Louise x